Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tea Time

When I returned to Auckland from Sydney I quickly set to organising a knitting group as I missed SSK in Newtown so much.

The Knitrangers have grown and evolved into a wonderful, diverse, lovable group of friends - and I am always delighted to think of how we have all changed and become more proficient in our chosen craft (s)

One knitranger has put her money where her mouth is and has launched a fantastic podcast - Genny is smart, capable and a lot of fun to be around, she tells it like it is and has a heart the size of Texas, she is only starting out - so be gentle - we have already hauled her over the coals critiquing her first episode, so she doesn't need any more advice - just go and listen, spend some time with GrannyG - she is giving craft a taste of kiwi. It's fun, tongue in cheek and interesting and I'm glad she had the guts to go for it - take some time out for Crafternoon Tea with Grannyg!

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