Thursday, December 24, 2009


I love having a uni student in the house - she has nothing to do all day except clean house and bake!
Blaise made this from scratch, as well as 200 cake balls dipped in chocolate and crushed peppermint canes, I loved this time of year when they were little, but now that they are almost grown up there is a wonderful added dimension in that I can ask them to make something and then go off and leave them too it - knowing that fingers won't be in peril and there's not much danger of the sink overflowing!
My girls love the traditions and rhythms of the holiday season - they are very conservative with the menu - there must be baked ham, there must be dry stuffing made by Nana and (I'm going to regret this) "up the b*m" stuffing made by Mum (wet stuffing - the kind you used to put inside the turkey until the authorities told us it caused food I bake it in a cast iron casserole) there must be tiny little spaghetti pies, fresh peas, fresh cherries and a huge pavlova made by Big Nana (great grandma), I'm allowed to add to this menu - but the basics must always be there, this year I'm adding River cottage baked red onions...I hope they make it onto the permanent menu.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone, I hope that you find joy in the season, peace of mind and time with loved ones.


Lise said...

Your menu sounds yummy! Can I come? oh wait - my in-laws would wonder where I was and why I'm not here to cook their Christmas dinner?!?!?

I am intrigued by the small spaghetti pies - can you say more? or send a recipe?

weebug said...

The gingerbread house is lovely! Merry Christmas!

Ruby Girl said...

It looks delicious. Merry Christmas Jussi

Corrie said...

wow it looks great! I have a loooooong time ahead of me before I get a helper to cook and clean but at least it's something to look forward to with 2 girls now!

oh and I just love your yarn storage solution! gorgeous! looks so neat n tidy!!!

happy new year