Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spaghetti pies

My Mum has made these for as long as I can remember, she made them for cake stalls for our schools - and they always sold out first - everyone loves them.
I'm not sure how they evolved into a Christmas staple - I think because when the girls were little these were a good finger food for them...anyway now they are a compulsory part of the Christmas dinner - my kids are nostalgia freaks!
(these are not healthy , we use low fat bacon and cheese - but thats about it - low fat puff pastry is an abomination)
ready rolled puff pastry sheets (a pack of 5 will make around 30 pies)
3 medium cans of spaghetti (regular sized cans)
1 large onion diced small
6 rashers of bacon chopped small
grated cheese to top

pre-heat oven
cut out circles of pastry to fit normal muffin pans (nothing bigger - but mini muffin pans are good too)
mix the spaghetti, bacon and onion really well
spoon mixture in pastry lined cases (I try for 3/4 full)
top with grated cheese and bake until pastry is golden and cheese has bubbled
these are good hot or cold, and freeze well.
As for the glaze on my ham?
Peach vodka and manuka honey - melted together and used liberally over a clove studded ham - magic!


knitabulous said...

I'd like a round up of whose who on that table, but while I was trying to work out each person (I picked Blaise straight away) I noticed -

You stole a King St sign from Sydney! Or did you acquire one from somewhere else?

Either way, I love it. The pie recipe, not so much. To each their own, that's the great thing about people.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, you look like you did.

Jussi said...

hmmm from left - Charlotte (can't be seen, Maria, Nick (Holly's fiance) Holly, Mama, Gordon, Harry (Dad) Dudley (my grandad can't be seen) Big Nana (my grandma) Richard (uncle) Blaise and Joe her boyfriend, Charlotte's boyfriend Alex and our melanie can't be seen

The sign was aquired legally in Auckland for Flash when we first arrived home, and the pies are a kiddie thing - so i understand.

We had a fabulous day in the sun, too much food, too much drink and just enough family!

Hope you had a wonderful day too...but I know you did :-)