Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm working...honest!

A Christmas present to myself - from the 50% off sale at a local department store! Pale blue canvas baskets which fit beautifully into my yarn storage shelves, plus they are my favourite colour!

Flash and I both have taken weeks off work, I return 25 January and I think he returns a few days before me.
Flash's idea of a holiday includes a lot of house renovations and repairs - he thinks that is relaxing because he is so busy for the rest of the year that he just can't do it, and since he has to take luxurious overseas holidays as part of his job - the idea of sitting on a beach doesn't appeal.

I don't mind unless he tries to rope me in - he says "come on, your're not busy" I don't know how much longer it will take him to understand that sitting in front of a movie, knitting and taking notes while I go is actually WORKING!! (and it's fun too!)
I am getting a lot of designs out of the head into reality - well...swatch reality so far - but that's an improvement! and I have managed to almost finish the Piha baby blanket - so named for it's handpainted seawater colours, reminiscent of the beach where the Grandchild-to-be's parents spend so much of their time (and will realise soon that it's not the place for a little baby) I have used my own superwash handpainted yarn, with Debbie Bliss cashmerino for the borders - so it is completely machinewashable cosy cot blanket.
I worked 3 "scarves" each is made up of a square of garter st using one of my handdyed yarns , then 20 rows of garter st in the cashmerino, another block of handpaint, another 20 rows of cashmerino, another block. I use a provisional cast on and place the last row on a holder.

When I had finished the scarves, I picked up all along one inside edge, I have worked 20 rows garter st and will graft the last row the the edge of the next "scarf", repeating for the other side, finally I will pick up and knit all around the outside edge, working a double increase at each corner to finish it off nicely. We do not know if the baby is a boy or a girl - but I think these colours will suit either.
Speaking of colours - if you like to design yourself, go look at this at BigHugeLabs, it is a palette picker - just enter a photo and it will seperate the colours out for you - what a great tool! Now I can go and buy fabrics to make cot sheets and blankets too!

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