Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a bit more resolve than last year

this time last year I was working on that clunker of a gorgeous sweater named Clipper (now free on Ravelry)
this year it feels as though not much has changed, not much has happened - that life is not as exciting as it once was...which isn't true, Holly got engaged, I visited Sydney and my friends, Maria announced her pregnancy, my job changed, I designed some very nice things, our house is starting to look more like something we live in (as opposed to something it's previous owners lived in)
Next year is going to be so big - Flash turns 50, the baby will be born in June, Holly and Nick marry in December - they year will be taken up with fittings and makings! and once again I'm being left alone upstairs here knitting away - the only problem is that as I knit one idea into reality - 4 more rush in to replace it...I'm not sure if I can keep up! but it is a nice problem to have.
I'm not making any resolutions - but I am counting my blessings and appreciating this quiet year that has passed, and the busy year we have planned.

Happy New Year to you and yours - may this new year be better than the last


Ruby Girl said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Jussi. And yes it is going to be a great year all round.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jussi - what a year ahead.....sounds wonderful. And a fitting way to leave 2009 in the past where it belongs.