Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A bright spot in an otherwise dark week has been the release of my Henry pattern (only on Ravelry at present) this great sweater knits up quickly in worsted/ aran weight yarn, has minimal shaping but uses rib and cable to give a great fit. It's nice to design something a bit more tweenage boy friendly, although it is just as nice on girls (think horseriding and hiking)

Last  week has us visitng my Grandad in hospital after a massive heart attack and now  follow up complications mean that he is back there for a while...Flash has the 'flu...and Holly and Nick live in Christchurch...they came through the initial quake on saturday morning  intact and started feeling survivor guilt very quickly as their house was fine, yet the in-laws (Nick's parents)  house has a huge crack running through it, the driveway ended up in the road and the backyard disappeared - they have no power and no water.

Yesterday morning's 5.1 aftershock was literally under Holly's street - and now Holly and Nick have no chimneys, and were sleeping in the dining room to stay safe. I feel so bad for them, they say it is the aftershocks that are doing them in - the lack of sleep and the constant state of alertness is taking it's toll.

It's the big things - the old buildings being demolished, the shattered lives of friends and relatives and the little things - the lists that need to be made for insurance - for wedding dress fabric bought and paid for but still at the shop - which may no longer exist, the cats who have started peeing in the house out  of fear.

I sent a big box of love yesterday - cookies baked by Blaise, treats, things to do and watch and enjoy, things to take their mind off the neverending aftershocks and relax for a moment, and wool...of course.

My friends in Christchurch our love and thoughts are with you.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and your family!

Jan said...

Best wishes to them. I have a friend who said she screamed when told the aftershocks could be there for several weeks. She lost only a chimney but is experiencing very many aftershocks, some of quite some force. Friends of my son and DIL were playing Warcraft while another player kept all updated on size and frequency.

I've sent a care package to my friend, the first of two Brangian shawls I've done, in just her colours. I finished it a couple of months ago and haven't worn it.

I hope all can settle back and that shocks stop very soon. My friend says it's not only the survivor guilt for little damage but the sheer uncertainty of life.