Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm having a "2 for 1" sale until 23 September (NZ time) over at Ravelry

buy my new Henry pullover pattern and Ember (jacket/sweater/swing coat) pattern and get 50% off - yep 2 patterns for $5.00 US, just add the patterns to your basket and the reduction will be added automagically.


(edited: links fixed)


Jan said...

Jussi, I'd buy but Safari keeps telling me both pages are invalid URLs. Love them both. No babies around here yet, but be prepared is a good motto.

Jan said...

Me again. I bought them but had to follow link in blog text to Ravelry and buy there. Links beside the pictures show as invalid.

Jussi said...

thank you and thank you Jan!

links fixed now - they just take you to my website so that non-ravellers get more info before they decide to buy

Ketutar said...

Oh, how cute baby! The pullover is really nice too :-D

I came here just to tell you - evne though I believe you have heard this thousand times already, but there's always the possiblity that you haven't - that Jussi is also the Finnish form of John, rhymes with pussy, and "J" in Finnish is the consonant Y - the first syllable is the same as "yous" in Youssuf :-D

I, like most Finns, react on words that look Finnish to me, and I'm happy to have found something nice by following the "Finnish" words :-D