Monday, April 18, 2011

New design tuesday - Grellow update

So, I'm happy with how the Grellow (working title) turned out, I have some minor adjustments to make but overall the fit is nice (firmer in the bodice, slightly looser for the rest of the body) the 3 colour slip patterns are fun and easy to learn and the stripes give a bit of relief where more slip st may have pushed the cardigan over the edge. I was thinking that the neckband needs to come down ever so slightly, and I'll use an i-cord cast on, instead of applied i-cord

for my 2nd attempt I am trying a handpainted, multicoloured yarn instead of 3 different colours, it will still have a contrast piped edge (don't worry the green is just there as a border between the 3 swatches I have to knit) I'm thinking either an earthy brown or deep rose pink. When I come to write the pattern up I will include instructions for both versions. I have a fun hat taking shape in my head too...we'll see if I can manage to make that a reality before the next big thing takes over...
and speaking of which, you may remember this:

My Sakura sweater is about to be reincarnated into something which is simple to knit, this one looked a lot easier than it was, it had a complicated chain stripe which looked nice but threw the intarsia right off. 
Easter long weekend looms before us , so I feel positive that progress will be made on this before next Tuesday.

Update: The Baby Plum Blossom sweater pattern is with the Tech editor, then it may go through another test knitter or two to ensure the best results, the wait will be worth it!

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