Monday, April 11, 2011

New design tuesday-Grellow

The working name of this design is "Grellow" only because those are the colours I am using while I (im)patiently wait for some Wollemeise to arrive so that I can knit a saturated colour version. I have been swatching slip stitch patterns for a while and really like this 3 colour variant, I have used a light grey, lemon and grammar grey (although the colours are askew in the photo) and will knit the body of the jacket in this st pattern.

This is the way I tend to, sketch, knit (and write copious notes all of the way through) when I have finished the body part of this jacket I will make a decision about a border of sorts, because I will probably knit the bodice in a 3 colour seed st pattern and will need some definition, and then there are the buttonbands and hems to sort out, I hold an image of the finished garment in my to match reality with imagination.

1 comment:

knitabulous said...

I like your copious notes.

Remember you left your sock notes at my house and I kept them for months and months until I saw you again? They looked like heiroglyphics to me but I knew that they meant something to you.

The slip stitch pattern looks great, looking forward to your new design, and seeing you in the flesh again v soon!