Monday, May 9, 2011

New design Tuesday - Nikau revisited.

We all love's the Nikau hoodie, one of my first designs, which I used to sell as a garment and one I translated straight from knitting machine to hand knitting.

The problems is that this sweater is knitted in a fine 3 ply organic merino yarn, which is difficult to obtain outside New Zealand, so many people substituted other "3 ply" yarns which often ended up being closer to a DK the sweater ended up huge.

I've decided to re-write the pattern using a commonly available yarn weight, and simplifying some of the needlessly complicated sections of the pattern e.g. there will no longer be short row shaping of the hood, and the cable pattern has been extended so there will be a variety of 3 to choose from.

As always there is the process...the paper, the notes, the cryptic comments in the margins... what did I mean by that??

I'm still using an organic merino for the improved version, but it is easily interchangeable with standard yarns such as Dale Baby Ull and Filatura  Di Crosa Baby Zarina.

The Grellow (working title) is still in timeout.  I am not at all happy with it, at least the time I have spent knitting it has resulted in many, many project ideas...and some creative use of language.

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Lara said...

Amazing to think that baby will be going to school!