Monday, May 16, 2011

New design tuesday - working

I like it when a detour suddenly becomes the right road, when meandering (and let's face it...avoidance) leads us back to the path.

I took an idea that I liked with that Grellow, and turned it into something that I am only just starting to like again, it's a fair few weeks away from being finished at this rate, so I decided to turn my energy into improving something I like very much, the Nikau sweater...the pattern needed updating (I am so much better at writing patterns now) the yarn didn't work for most people and the motif wasn't doing it for me.

Here is a photo of the old Nikau and the New Nikau (top)

Not too much difference overall...everything has changed, but everything has remained the same.

the yarn is thicker (took me 2 days to knit...with plenty of breaks, and work) but still organic, the motif much more clearly defined, and the hood....SO much easier, so much easier.

and a few options for those who aren't so much into Nikau palms...this will look lovely when blocked, there is a polar bear motif to come and there will be a funnel neck option as well...for those who like hats more than hoods.

The Plum blossom cardigan has been revised by the Tech editor, now I have to make my changes and send it back to her...not too much longer.

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