Sunday, May 22, 2011

Secrets revealed

 10 Secrets of the Laidback knitters has been published, so I can finally show you some of the secrets I have been keeping from you.

The Prospero Hoodie (size 4 years shown here) is a relatively easy knit hoodie, worked in the round in a nice stretchy textured rib with a nice little cable up the sides for interest.

The Princess Garden skirt is even easier than the hoodie, sure there is some lace, but it's a teeny tiny bit!
and you can add as many flowers as your Princess' heart desires.

(sizes, yarn details at Ravelry - just click the links)

The book itself is just lovely, there are lots of fabulous patterns and the stories, anecdotes and commentary are magical, it is a knitting book which you can sit down and just read, or dip into from time to time and it's just like being at a wonderful knitting group - the noisy ones, the ones with loads of good advice, the quiet ones, the ones who gossip and tell racy stories, it's all good!

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