Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New design Tuesday - round up

Today I'm just going to catch you up on where the current designs stand...there hasn't been much knitting this week, my Uncle passed away on Thursday after a brave battle.

My parents, sister and I came to NZ in 1972, my Uncle arrived in 1986 and my grandparents about 12 years later, my sister now lives back in England, my grandparents are quite elderly and my Uncle never married or had children so everything has fallen to Mum to organize, and as always she is doing a stellar job.

Today I emailed Blaise with a link to a macaron recipe I knew she would like, and said that we have to make them soon, she replied "as soon as the crazy has calmed" and my reply "haven't you learnt yet Blaise? The crazy never ends, you just have to learn to ride the waves"

My way of riding those waves is to knit:

- Grellow...actually we are almost friends again, the sleeves are on and I'll be finished this evening

- Nikau revisited...very happy with these, need to write the pattern, found 2 beautiful babes for the photos

- plum blossom...still waiting for me to correct the spelling and punctuation...

- and a newie...Torrent...simple, bright, useful...more info soon!

Have a great week, we will be saying goodbye to my Uncle The best way we know how...with words and memories, hanging out as a family, making to most of each other.

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