Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New design tuesday - no new design...

Thanks for your kind words and emails regarding my Uncle's passing, and Blaise's message to him. We have decided to get a wooden box made, it will be called "Uncle Richard's Christmas box" and we will all put books in and take books out, keeping his memory with us always and involving little ones who will never know him.

Plum Blossom is fully edited. Now I am waiting on some artwork and a decent photograph of the sweater on a very small person, so it may be a bit longer before that pattern is for sale. I think I may make a matching Poppy hat for the photograph.

Grellow - written, not graded

Nikau re-write completed, now to put it into the template, tech edit, photographs...

and I am still working on the world's sweetest onesie in my spare time, unfortunately spare time has been very lacking around here lately, Flash is very busy with work and Mel has moved into the spare room (that's the room with the revolving door!) as she has been promoted to a great job here.

My plans for the next few months are quite simple, please my dear family could you note these down and ensure your own health, wealth and wellbeing during the short periods of time when I am off enjoying myself, and now that I have totally jinxed myself...here are the plans.

WWKIP day around 18/06/11 Sydney, Australia sightings at my favourite haunts...Kinokuniya, Campos, Chinta Ria, The Lindt cafe (my secret shame) and any place with a good mojito. I will be in very good company, it will be a veritable movable feast of comedy, knitting and food.

Knit August Nights (KAN) 26/08/11 for a few days...hanging out with my favourite Kiwi knitters and making new friends (eating lots and finding Napier's best mojitos)

and in September WOW World of Wearable Art...the last time I attended this it was the last show in Nelson...this year my Mama and I are off by ourselves to indulge in Wellington...supper at Pravda and dinner at...ssshhhh...Logan Brown. I can't wait.

It is so nice to have lovely things to look forward to...they make the here and now more bearable, and I'm glad I bit the bullet and decided to make the sacrifices needed...too often as Mums we put ourselves at the back of the queue, but if Mummy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

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Lara said...

So happy you are coming to Sydney. I hope we get a chance to catch up.