Monday, June 6, 2011

New design tuesday - basics

Everyone has to start somewhere...and I have been thinking about that quite a lot since my eldest daughter started knitting again with a passion, Holly is a totally fearless knitter, she makes what she wants without thinking too much about the scary bits, however for the more timid out there I felt that a few easy pieces with a bit of "wow" factor would be just the ticket, fast enough to actually get made and good looking enough to spur the knitter on to more complex additions to a simple framework in which they have already found success.

This wee popover is worked in 2 pieces, yes you need to work shoulder seams...but what an easy introduction to 3 needle bind off and the explanation for why this is necessary will enhance a new knitters knowledge of knitwear construction. I'm currently working on a cowl necked version with a front pocket, who knows what will be next (certainly not me!)

Grellow...stalled (it's life story really!)

Nikau...stalled waiting for me to feel like sitting in front of the imac for a sustained period of time...

Plum Blossom...stalled waiting for me to take photos...

as for me... I'm happy as Larry getting these ideas out of my head and into wool, but I know I have to face that pattern paperwork soon, such is life.

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