Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New design tuesday

This week I have been making popover tops like they are going out of fashion, I'm loving this wee design, and am experimenting with various necklines and pockets. I like the idea of starting with something very simple, then extending it with simple techniques.

It has been once of those weeks where a lot is happening...but none of it has actually happened so I can't share it yet, I am doing a spot of rebranding and can't wait to share the artwork with you - so cute! I can share this with you though, check it out for some great colour schemes Kuler

The Chilean volcano as given me a fright this week, GrannyG , Westiechick and I are flying off to Sydney this thursday to meet up with the locals for WWKIP day, Jetstar and Qantas have cancelled their flights, but thankfully good old AirNZ is flying below the ash cloud, so the trip takes a bit longer but at least we will get there! I can't wait to visit my old haunts and show them to my friends...Kinokuniya, Kuletos, Pentimento, Berkelouw books , Campos, Newtown Thai, a pot of chai at Corelli's... is "a coffee and a yarn" still open? I heard good things about it.

As far as actual knitting goes, I'm working on a no brain needed Gap-tastic cowl in an ice blue wool single and loving it, just keep going around and around until it is the right size, then cast off - simple! I think I may make another one for my KIP knitting, I know from much past experience that i cannot knit and talk without making mistakes!

In family news Christchurch gave it's resident another big shake up this week...a 5.6 followed an hour later by a 6.3, Nick was at home and is fine, the second one knocked him off his feet, but luckily he was in the garden, last time he was in the shower and was thrown into the air! Holly had left work a little while after the first shake, and was on a busy road surrounded by trucks when the second one hit, it sounded terrifying, she said it was like trying to drive a car on a bouncy castle, the trucks were lurching into her lane and it was all she could do not to crash into them, luckily a friend lives nearby so she took some time out for a cup of tea and a chat to settle her nerves. I do worry about them, they like the rest of the people in Chch are very brave to just keep going.

see you next week, hope you have a fun WWKIP day if you didn't celebrate it on the 11th!

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