Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Design...Wednesday?

My trip to Sydney was fantastic, the weather was bright and warm, as were my much missed friends and I enjoyed the shopping as much as ever. I must get there more often, must make it a priority.

In knitting news, theres not much...the popover tops are tearing off the needles, but are variations on a theme, today it is a hooded version, but I'll show you the line up next week.

This week I've been playing with a new pattern template, thanks to my cute new logo...I wanted something that would work well for paper dolls and the results are so sweet I can't wait to get the printed patterns out there... and it won't be too long now. The whole logo thing was fraught...I didn't want cutesie cute...but market research kept coming back that cute sells...and if that means more people who aren't online knit my patterns then cute is what they get.

In other news, Christchurch keeps right on shaking, if you are in the liquefaction zone, or even the shaky areas, I think you are terribly brave. The ash cloud keeps getting bigger, so I'm lucky my trip passed without Holly (my girl in Chch) says "if another big one hits we can't even fly out!" so lets just hope the earth takes it easy on them.

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Lara said...

So wonderful to see you! And please tell Holly we think of her often.