Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New design tuesday - Baby basics

round up of designs in progress

Plum Blossom - in test knit stage, some have already finished (and looking stunning!) I'm thinking my first KAL may be in order for this design... maybe

New Nikau - now re-named "Big Love" being re-knit for a DK weight, now that original Nikau has been re-written, but otherwise left alone and is now back on sale.

My Baby basics collection has grown

clockwise from top left we have the "not a fleece vest" (currently being re-knitted to work with the others)  the hooded popover, the shawl collar popover and the ultra basic popover. I do love this little collection!

I gave the Grellow cardi (yeah it's beautiful but never going to work as a design) to one of Flash's employees whose wife has just given birth to a darling baby girl, the Mum is Japanese and loved the style.

Last time I was up helping Mum clear out my Uncle's place I brought home a packet of old negatives...last night I scanned one and worked with it in Photoshop Elements...I was amazed that I could bring this 80 year old film back to life myself (I was about to take them to a restorer) this will save me so much money I could almost buy the full version of Photoshop! and it's so exciting to see the photos come to life in my hands.

  this one is of my Great Grampie, I have to check with Mum to find out if the wriggling baby is her or my Uncle. Love the handknitted vest my Grampie is wearing. The photo is low res here (is 6400 dpi on my screen) as I couldnt upload the larger res, but I can make out the stitch pattern on the vest from the photo I have on my computer.

I have 40 of these negatives to work on, so it will take a wee while, but I'm hoping to make a large book with blank pages opposite the photo pages and will ask my Gran to write her memories of each photo, before they are lost forever.


Annika said...

What a wonderful idea! That will be a family treasure.

Maria said...

Brilliant idea with the negatives. So much is lost because we wait