Monday, July 18, 2011

New Design tuesday - it should be

The Plum blossom cardigan is jumping it's final hurdles towards publishing...test knitting is in progress and I can't wait to see what colourways the lovely knitters come up with. 

New Nikau has been written, the charts have been made, I should send it off for tech editing asap and worry about the photos at a later date.

The baby basics are almost done, you have seen the popover, the hooded popover, the v-neck pop over, the leggies and the not a fleece vest, I'm just working on a hat and then they will be ready for the writing, editing, knitting process. 

here is another "not a fleece vest" in progress using Noro silkgarden DK
(in the overexposed colorway ;-P) - the smallest size (0-3) months uses 1 skein! the solid colour edging helps pull the colour together so that the pooling is not so disturbing to the eye.

Winter here is Auckland is turning into a bit of a giggle..we had some rain last week, but it really has not been very cold, I haven't worn a coat yet. I light a fire every day, because I like it, but we could make do with snuggle blankets while sitting on the couch.

My garden is terribly confused...the strawberry garden is flowering again, I pull them off as soon as I see them, thats not where the plant's energy should be going right now, and it breaks my heart to see the new baby ducklings...they really don't stand a chance.

Frasier stalks the ducklings, but wouldn't know what to do with one if he touched it, he has no kill instinct at all that boy, luckily the Mama duck yells at him so he keeps his distance.

here he is skulking off after being squawked at again!

I know winter will arrive eventually..August and September do tend to be grey and rainy, but you never can tell and I would love this weather to continue!

edited to add: here is the finished vest...the colours  in the toggles photo are the most true.

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