Monday, July 11, 2011

New design tuesday - winning!

Firstly we have some winners, it was so hard to decide there were a lot of great names, so I got the family involved once I had chosen a short list, the children are both reserved and shy looking, so choosing the perfect name was a mission, but then it suddenly became clear...

the Little Girl is Emmy (just like my Great Grandmother Emmy, who was very much a lady)

the Little Boy is Pip

the winners are Connie and Stitchpunk, I'll contact you on Ravelry for your addresses.

the bird (Flick) and teddy (Gomez) are already named but thanks to those who offered!

thank you to everyone who entered, it was a lot of fun, and now that the kiddies have been named we will start having regular contests again, I'll keep you posted, but it will likely be on Fridays (NZ time) as before.

The baby basics are coming along well, this week I made a Faux fleece vest...just like a polar fleece one but made of lovely wool worked at a slightly tighter tension than normal, so that it keeps the wearer really snug. The i-cord cast on is continued around the edges and armholes and the vest does up with a chunky zip or buttons.

This is the 3 month size, it used 1 50g skein of DK weight yarn!

and some teeny little leggies (could also be sleevies!)

In other camera bag arrived today! On my travels I have experienced numerous people having their camera bags stolen, and in every case the bag was obviously a camera bag, so it was vital to me to find a bag which looked just like a handbag. I looked at dozens of bags, many just weren't my style at all, some were definitely my style but the price was out of the ballpark and eventually I found the Ginger by the look of this bag, but it was not to be - the Ginger won't be back in stock until later this year. I ummed and aaahhed and finally decided on the Clover in turquoise...not usually my kind of thing, but I realised the colour will help to keep the bag safe when I'm travelling and it does a girl good to mix it up every now and then. It arrived today (5 days from US to NZ) and I love is well padded, huge (fits camera, 3 lenses, camera bits and bobs, knitting, ipad, and the usual handbag stuff) easy on the shoulder and best of all...looks nothing like a camera bag!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the name Emmy!!!! Such a gorgeous name!

That little jacket is so sweet to, the icord looks great around the edge!

Jan said...

Those bags look great. What I've been seeing in my mind. They seem to have smallish cameras in them. I have a Nikon D3100, DSLR, bigger than a point and shoot. Would it fit, do you think?

Really like the little jacket too.

Ruby Girl said...

The vest is so cute...I love the chunky zip. What a great idea for a camera bag, it is always a worry when travelling trying to have your things looking inconspicuous.