Monday, August 22, 2011

New design tuesday - the one where I finish something!

The new website is up!

I haven't migrated the "help" pages over, there are so many great tutorials available on Youtube these days that I felt mine were redundant, and they were taking up I ditched them.

I've got some cool wee movie type photo album things (technical term) on the pattern pages, so I have been able to reduce the number of pictures on those pages, unfortunately I can't link from these photo album thingys so the baby pattern page is still quite overloaded...c'est la vie!

The website still needs tweaking, but it is simple and it works (and I can update it!) so I'm very happy.

We spent some of the weekend in the garden finally, the raspberry and strawberry beds needed an overhaul before they start coming back to life, and not before time because look at what burst into bloom

and I bought this one (before it flowered) because I knew how divine it would  make the house smell, and I wasn't disappointed.

As for knitting, today I am finishing my "knitting homework" making the swatches I will need for my steeking class at KAN2  I am bursting with excitement at the idea of spending 2.5 days surrounded by knitters, knitting, yarn and wine! I'm also swatching for a teddy bear sweater... which was previously on the list of "thing I will never knit" along with rugby bootees and a toilet roll cover. My dear husband made the request for a teddy who will be exploring Russia and wearing the company logo, so how could I decline?

The Baby Basics test knit is coming along well, there have been some lovely FOs so far

The Big Love revamp is almost done, then that will go for testing many cute little sweaters lying around the place I think it's time to borrow some babies and have a photoshoot!

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