Monday, August 29, 2011

New Design tuesday - the one where I knit in public

Last weekend I went to Knit August Nights 2 (aka KAN2), I left Auckland at lunchtime on friday and arrived in sunny Ahuriri 1 1/2 hrs later. The venue was great, and only 20 steps from my room in the neighbouring motel overlooking the boardwalk and gently lapping tide.

Being a shy soul I was a bit worried as to wether I would have the gumption to talk to people, but I just kept telling myself "they're not strangers, they're knitters!" and I managed to get along fine. I met loads of Ravelry friends, and made new ones and really enjoyed my weekend.

There was quite a bit of stash enhancement (that's what marketplaces are for!) and I bought some puppy snips for myself and Holly (yours are bright green Holls!). The classes were all enjoyable and educational, the scariest one by far was Morag's  steeking class...

we started with a tube, ran a contrast thread down the centre of a column of sts, and whip stitched the edges

the we CUT!

and learnt 2 ways to finish the cut edges, on the left is a picked up edge and an the right is a tubular edge which encompassed the entire edge.

This was such a liberating class, everyone enjoyed themselves and walked out a little taller than when they walked in!

I will definitely be back for KAN3.

Not much design work for me this past week, and not to much in the coming week either, as I'm away to Wellington with Mum on friday, for the Wearable Art Awards. 
I have almost finished the Big Love sweaters, the sleeves needed a bit of tweaking, and I have a nice idea for an autumn hoodie for girls, but apart from that I'm knitting some things that have patterns or don't need patterns.

While at KAN I made this teddy sweater for a promotion Flash is running

yes, it is a strange shaped little bear, I hope this fits him properly, and yes I will never knit a teddy sweater again!

I'm working on a little shawlette for myself, the pattern is Pimpelliese, very pretty all in garter st with a knitted in lace edge. I'm using the sugar cane yarn from Aracaunia. I'll post a picture when I have worked a bit more of it.

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Rachelle said...

I knit Pimpelliese a while back for my SIL, lovely pattern and she loves it! I made sure to do it in a colour that would suit her, so wouldn't suit me; that way she'd definitely get it.