Monday, September 26, 2011

New Design tuesday - the one where we get back on track

I'm home now, whilst in Christchurch we stayed close to our motel where Holly and Nick are also staying while their home is being repaired (they have paid extra to have their renovation plans implemented at the same time as the earthquake repairs - it is already looking amazing!) 

Holly already knits (though I was amazed, impressed and proud of the stash she has managed to accumulate) and Mum taught me, but I haven't seen her knit in years, as we sat and knitted Holly handed her some needles and 2 colours of cotton and she commenced making dishcloths...we returned late friday night, Mum and Harry went away early saturday morning, returned today, and apparently she has been knitting all weekend!

We did go out for a drive on our last day there, and managed to find Knitworld is still open!

Knit WorldKnit World Christchurch Map
189 Peterborough Street
Telephone:  03 379 2300
Fax:           03 377 6884

they asked me to help spread the word that they are alive and kicking (so I don't think they will mind me pinching the map from their website) and full to bursting with beautiful yarn, the entrance is currently around the back, so if you are in the area please go and visit them.

Whilst there I found this beautiful Misti alpaca...bit of a mystery that it is made for Naturally NZ, but I put the local yarn detectives onto the case and they figured that Misti produce yarns for loads of companies, but their name is so good it stays on the yarn!

The lichen-ey green is handpaint lace and the beiges is Tonos carnaval - a sock weight which will become a scarf/shawlette for Holly. They are scrumptious!

The Cherub pattern is ready for testing, so I'll be asking for volunteers soon.

The Big Love pattern is almost out of testing, I received my first photo today and Oh My what a cutie, and the Mum says the sizing is spot on - which is always a relief, no matter how long I do this!

The baby basics have been tech edited, and are ready to go...I just need to have a spare hour at home to do probably this weekend.

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