Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The one where I'm late and in another city

I have been traveling a bit lately, a few plane rides around the place, a lot of sitting and waiting in airports. Trips I had planned months in advance.

Today I suddenly found myself on a plane to Christchurch, thankfully with my Mum by my side as we threw everything aside to be with my eldest daughter Holly and her husband, because there are times when a girl needs her Mum, and that girl's Mum needs HER Mum!

While we are here on our unexpected trip we will have a wee look around at this tortured city, see for ourselves the destruction wrought by the 1000s of earthquakes and aftershocks it has suffered.

And in October we will back, for our next planned trip! Ah life, to paraphrase Blackadder..."it's a twisty turny thing"

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