Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The one when I post on a wednesday...

because on Tuesday I was fretting so much about going to a new dentist that I couldn't think straight, let alone blog.

I went this evening, they were perfectly lovely and helpful and understanding, the dentist gave me a hug when I left, I think everything is going to be ok!

While I was waiting (nervously) I finished off the cardiganised version of a new little sweater, it's a vision I have had for ages...just a bright, simple sweater with intarsia angel (or fairy, butterfly, dragonfly) wings, I have played around with the wings and now have them where I like them. The sweater has a modified drop sleeve construction and simple crew neck, the mistake rib hems give it a wee twist - but nothing too busy, I just wanted bright, plain and simple goodness, the working name was "Pax" but it is now called "Cherub" of course.

Here is a terrible photo, but it gives you the idea, I'm knitting  few more because I have a lovely photo idea, which should be possible soon, weather permitting.

Have a great week, it's getting warmer here so we are spending more time outdooors, finally starting to get some work done around the place, and the spring flowers are in bloom which brings joy to my heart, nothing like a drift of freesias to tell you summer is on it's way!

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