Monday, October 31, 2011

New design tuesday

I'm back from my trip down south, Mum and I had a lovely time at the fete and then tiki touring (see link for definition) our way back to Christchurch via Oxford and Birdlings flat.
Holly and Nick are back in their house and it's looking great, the builders managed to preserve the antique ceiling roses in every room, so the house looks modern and funky, but with a nod to it's history as well.

It was lovely to have a break away, and I've spent the past 2 days back home working madly to make up the time!

The Cherub pattern has gone to the tech editor

Katie Snowflake is still in testing mode, but I did manage to get some sweet photos yesterday.

I had my children young, so I did all of the kindy committee, school board of trustees, Plunket fundraiser stuff years ago, and when we moved the last time the girls were almost finished high school or were at Uni, so I didn't have the opportunity to meet people with young children. The upshot is that while I am designing for babies and children, I don't get to see many on a regular basis, though we are getting to spend a bit more time with Cody now that he is older.

Charlotte has a number of friends with young children, and we seem to have to come to an arrangement...they love having their children's photos taken and are enthusiastic when I ask to borrow their kids, in return I provide them with a flash drive of photos and prints of the best shots, which they prefer to "shopping mall" photos which tend to be boring and pricey.

So, yesterday 4 yr old B helped me out with Katie Snowflake, she was an excellent model, took direction well and maintained her demeanor, the only snag we ran into was with the hood, B had lovely pigtails, which unfortunately distorted the hood quite dramatically...however, I know 4 year old girls well enough to know that asking her to take her pigtails out would have resulted in a meltdown and we all wanted to avoid that!

here is my favorite shot

 and one of their Mum's favorites

I'm waiting impatiently for some yarn to arrive so that I can get started on another design for 4-12 year old girls, and in the meantime I'm knitting some cool stripes, I'll give you a peek next week!

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