Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Friday - have you knitted an aviatrix??

And the winner is number 3 - Curlyde, I'll gift the pattern on Rav.

This week's free pattern is the sweet Nikau hoodie and pants, this pattern has recently been re-written (so if you have purchased a copy in the past and haven't got the update let me know)

So back to that Aviatrix, have you knitted one? If you haven't, you really should. I get asked so often why I have posted this pattern for free, and the reason is always the same - because it is too much fun to charge for!

There are always people who don't see the attraction, yes it is pretty boring when flat, but put it on a child and bam! instant cute.

So have you? tell me about it, will you knit one? or won't you? tell me why ( it's the short rows isn't it...believe me, they are easy once you get the hang of them)

- please include your Ravelry name or your email address (can space it out to avoid spambots)
- I will gift the pattern via Ravelry, if you do not belong to Rav I will email the .pdf to you
- winner (s) are drawn sometime on Friday, this means "Friday afternoon/evening New Zealand time"
- the winner (s) are chosen by random number generator (I use this one)
- you may enter even if you have won before


Jan said...

I have knitted several and only yesterday posted one to Canada with some small booties with the bumpers. That one was for the new son of an internet friend. She was overwhelmed to think someone on the other side of the world would knit for her. Others have been well received too.

So why aviatrix? First off it's just plain cute, especially on little heads. For those little heads it's also practical. It has a strap which is adjustable and the hat comes down nicely at back of the neck and over the ears. Just the thing for winter. It doesn't slip around and fall off.

The pattern is well set out, unlike many others on the net. There's the basic instructions and then the customising for different weights of wool and different sizes. I'm trying to knit from stash as much as possibly right now, so all those different weights of wool are really handy.

Short rows? No problem, especially if you've already done socks. It's a bit magical watching the short rows make the shape of the hat.

It's really quick to knit, specially in the very small sizes. Instant gratification.

Looks great on and is cosy. That's off the top of my head. Others will probably have other reasons too.

Jan (Shalom on Rav.)

Anonymous said...

I have added and deleted it from my rav queue all the time but yeah, it's the short rows that scare me. I'll get past them one day and be embarrassed about how easy they probably are.

Anonymous said...

I haven't knitted an Aviatrix ... yet! I have some handspun here that would be great though. Sounds like it would be a good portable knitting project :)

missmuffetnz on Rav

Anonymous said...

I've knit many, many Aviatrices (is that right as a plural?), it's my very favourite baby hat pattern. It took me a while to figure out the short rows and it was a bit frustrating at the time, but the result is really worth it. I think Jan (Shalom) has captured it just perfectly when she talks about the pattern being magical - it is SO satisfying seeing the hat take shape as you're knitting along. Also I honestly think it's the cutest hat I've seen on a baby - so, so much cuter on a baby than just off the needles.
Anyone that hasn't tried it yet - give it a go!

Claire (claracl on Rav)

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to make one for ages - just need a new little head to make it for. I love a baby hat that is strapped on. I used to be scared of short rows but discovered in the Plum Blossom cardi that they're not hard at all.

saim24 on rav

Caroline said...

I made one a few weeks ago, after having had it in my rav queue for ages. Then I saw a babe wearing one around town, and knew I just had to try it. :) it was gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Aviatrix has been in my queue for a long time. I'm embarassed to say I still haven't gotten to it. I promise I will....very, very soon!

nhoran on Rav

Anonymous said...

I haven't knitted one yet because I don't have any babies to knit one for (I think I told you that when we met at KAN!)
saskyumchar on Rav

KathyR said...

I haven't knit an Aviatrix, yet, either. Not because of the short rows but simply because I keep forgetting! When a baby comes around I seem to think "jacket" rather than "hat". Strange, but true. I must remedy that soon because Aviatrix certainly is cute!

QuiltsterMEG said...

I knit the first one for my friend's baby because it's cold now, even in California. Fun, fast project and once you've done it so easy to do the second time! Now I have the short rows memorized and the second one is coming together much faster. I see a lot of these in my future!
Mary Ellen Rav: megaleca

Lise said...

I haven't knitted one yet - but it is definitely on my list. I think it is the cutest ever!

Debbie said...

I ssstill haven't knit's been in my queue and on my next to knit list for probably a year or will be soon though... Ruby needs one for this winter, and we have a new baby arriving in May. Plus a friend baby arriving in february (newborn aviatrix.. irresistable!) Can't wait! I'm planning some from handspun as well!..but I'm as slow a spinner as I am knitter!

Kristina90 said...

It's free? I'm going to knit one then! A couple of friends have just got pregnant, so it's a good time to try it out.

For some weird reason I thought it was a paying pattern.

Oh and the fact that there was a special thread devoted to help with it... made me think that it was difficult...

I'm not afraid of short rows though! They're fun.