Monday, November 7, 2011

New design tuesday - a riot of colour

Some days pass with a flurry of ideas, sometimes I have the yarn here ready (less times than I wish though...I'm not really making any inroads into the stash...) but often I have to order it in...and wait until it arrives (never very's always here within the week, even from the UK and US)

This week I started a garment with some stash yarn, knowing that I would need more and luckily the extra arrived before I had finished what I had on hand, so I had no down time while waiting for my other yarn to arrive (and I'm glad that it took a bit longer than expected because now that it is here I don't want to blog, or garden or edit, cook or walk. I just want to knit)

The tunic dress is another useful item for 2-10 year olds, easy to pop on over leggings and a polyprop or skivvy, the pocket gives it a wee edge and can be adorned with intarsia, bobbles or buttons as you see fit.

As you can see it is not quite finished, so when I have finished blogging, and had a walk, I will take it up again and finish it.

I have promised myself that when I have finished the tunic dress and written the pattern up nicely and asked for test knitters, when I have reviewed the cherub tech edit and when I have come up with a nice lace insert pattern for another wee frippery in the wings, then and only then will I be allowed to start working with this yummy Poems sock yarn from Wisdom yarns. I love it, the yarn is similar to Noro kureyon sock, but with longer colour changes and the colourways do not jar with my sensibilities the way Noro yarns sometimes do ( I have never been one to be completely "at one" with the Noro)

I've already tested some ideas using silk garden sock, a simple tank top in a simple lacey stripe, somewhat Missoni inspired and structurally basic so that the yarn is the star. I just can't wait to get going!!


discoknitter said...

I see those colours, and I wish desperately for a girl baby :)

Jussi said...

I know Lara, I keep trying to design for boys...but I keep going back to more traditionally female designs and colourways, it's environmental I'm afraid!

JJ said...

I am SO stalking your Ravelry page until this is available (I might even put my hand up and beg to test knit it) as I have a five year old who would LOVE this (particularly in those colours). You're so clever!