Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Friday - Christmas knitting

thanks to everyone for your entries last week, I think those who have knitted an Aviatrix understand why I am so proud of that little pattern, and now those who haven't have a better understanding too, especially thanks to Jan!

Our random number generated this week is "5" that's Saim24 I'll gift the pattern to you via Ravelry.

Thursday I managed to finish this:

and yesterday I was at the dentist for 5 hours, getting my mercury fillings removed, and the little chips in my front teeth sorted, I do not remember much of it thank goodness, and then I slept on and off until today, so yesterday was not a good day to post to the blog :-)

The pattern giveaway this week is Riverstone, a firm favorite and revamped this year to narrow the wide neckline.

This week's question is not designed to frighten...more to encourage! 
Are you knitting gifts these holidays?? What are you knitting? Who for and why?

I'll start...I would like to think I will knit gifts this year, however that is highly unlikely to happen, so I would like to try and knit this Christmas Deer from Loly Fuertes. If I do not manage to do that then I will try really hard to get at least 5 of these whipped up for the girls (I make them a tree decoration every year) Mochimochi land snowmen

- please include your Ravelry name or your email address (can space it out to avoid spambots)- I will gift the pattern via Ravelry, if you do not belong to Rav I will email the .pdf to you- winner (s) are drawn sometime on Friday, this means "Friday afternoon/evening New Zealand time"- the winner (s) are chosen by random number generator (I use this one)- you may enter even if you have won before


Charmel said...

Yes have knitted the shawl Theolie from Ravelry.
Knitted for Gran (mum) becuase it's too hard to find something nice that's useful too!
First Shawl and lace pattern.

Anonymous said...

Being the worlds slowest knitter I might finish handknitted gifts for next Christmas if I start now. I'm going to make some knitted ornaments for the tree though.
lovestitches on rav

KathyR said...

Eeek! Christmas is only 6 weeks away - if I was logical, I would say No! I'm not knitting any Christmas presents this year! Will I cave, yet again? We'll see!

Linda Moore said...

I'm knitting socks for my MIL - but I just had to rip the first one back to before the gusset because it's too small. *sob* I'll also do some dishcloths - my rellies love them and cotton's a bit more pleasant to knit than wool at this time of year!


Charlotte said...

I'm knitting a Faultline scarf for my step mother and socks for my husband and HOPEFULLY an owl hat for my SIL.

So far I have knot one sock and done 3 repeats on the scarf. Wich me luck!!

shortlette on rav :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a beginner knitter and discovered your patterns from the wonderful knitting pack that my mother-in-law recieved after the Christchurch earthqaukes. I'm currently attempting to knit my first 'Aviatrix' (and if it goes well) will be knitting more for Christmas gifts for my daughters wee friends :)
Cheers, Ocean1977

Jan said...

I'm not planing on knitted gifts this Christmas. I made lacy, fine shawls for DILs last year and will give it a rest this time round.

Those snowmen are really cute. I made baby alligators from here,, for a banner as a tribute to someone known as the gator. They were liked. Have made tiny stockings as decorations and gift toppers. But no, nothing planned this year.

Karen said...

I had hoped to make shawls for my sisters, but I don't think that will happen. With a new baby in the family all my knitting time has been devoted to him - tomorrow I will start his Xmas stocking!
(ravelry id knitnspin)