Monday, November 14, 2011

New design tuesday - from one extreme to the other

When I had finished the Aria sweater I wasn't just seemed too easy, too simple, I didn't think people would like it, especially the tweenies it was designed for.

I was wrong.

Every little girl who has seen it has loved it, and my model loved it and told me why. "It isn't fussy, it doesn't pull up, it doesn't get in the way, it doesn't have sleeves, it fits over my head, it has a pocket"

So I will be writing the pattern up and sending it into the process, I'm thinking 1 to 12 years, as it fits across the years quite well. My model is a skinny 8 year old with a 6-7 year old chest measurement, wearing the 6 year old size as a tunic, whereas a 6 year old could wear it to mid thigh with leggings, versatile!

From technicolour glory to french vanilla delight.

I wasn't going to try this idea out, these poncho style tops are very trendy this summer in NZ, but I like the idea of a winter/spring version in wool. The bottom band is very fitted and then the front and back separate and increase to create the wings, which will then be fastened. I'm so glad I decided to go ahead with the idea, I love the simplicity of it and I know it will look lovely with a long sleeved t and jeans or over a dress.

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