Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Friday - Frasier giveaway!

Thanks for the ideas for Christmas knitting - next year I am going to be SO organised! (maybe)
The winner is number 7, that's Jan! I'll gift the pattern to you via Ravelry.

This week Frasier turned 5, so to celebrate I'm having a free friday free for all! The first 10 comments will each get a "Baby Basics" e-book.

So tell me about your pet, or a childhood pet, what they mean to you, how they make your life better.

Frasier is anxious and highly strung (just like his Mum), he is intense, focused and a slave to his self imposed routines, I swear if he was a human he would be Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. He is also loyal, affectionate and loving on his terms.

- please include your Ravelry name or your email address (can space it out to avoid spambots)- I will gift the pattern via Ravelry, if you do not belong to Rav I will email the .pdf to you- you may enter even if you have won before

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Anonymous said...

I had a cat called "Junior" who I obtained when a friend's mum said "if you can catch a kitten you get to keep it". I think I was about 8?

Parents were less than impressed but Junior came home anyway.

After about 4 years - I was dismissive of Junior until the day someone came to the door and said she had been hit by a car - at which point I wept and wailed and desired her terribly. She survived and lived a happy life with us for another 6-7 years.

After her came C-fer - named by my dad - and short for "C for Cat". "Scruffy" was around about that time too.

chimaeraknit on rav

Anonymous said...

We have a cat called Brocky, she was saved from the bullet on a farm and is my partners baby. She thinks shes a dog and is constantly by his side. She loves going for walks, playing and doing the car thing. She sits on his chest every opportunity she gets, regardless what he is doing.
Shes also incrediably naughty and likes to torment my poor old girl Giselle, who is known as the healing cat. Giselle knows when ur sick and will not leave your side during the sickness. Then she disapears from ur side till next time. She walked into our door when my youngest had chicken pox 7 years ago, made herself comfy next to Brins and just never left.

Shazzy AKA Knitwytch on RAV

Anonymous said...

We had a very bouncy, sweet looking poodle called Ruby who won over our local postman. While everyone else backed away when she jumped up to greet them our postie just hugged her right back! In no time all our parcels (even the small ones) were delivered to our door and often arrived late in the day when I'm sure he should have clocked off. In the end they were so fond of each other she went to live with him. She's happy there but now we just get our parcels in the letter box like everyone else!
ewaterford on ravelry

Jan said...

How lovely! Thank you so much. I look forward to making it.

Jan said...

When I was a child we shared a puppy with neighbours. I think she was a stray but she found two good homes. She drank lime cordial at our place and beer next door. Dad had to grow climbing beans as she would go through his bean garden and pick all the ones she could reach. We had an enormous strawberry patch where she would hunt every day. No green ones for her, only the ripe ones.

She was particularly fond of my younger brother and when she saw him her tail would wag so much her whole body trembled. Then she would pee with excitement.

Jussi, I've just won a lovely prize. Give my spot to someone else this week.

Anonymous said...

In my third year at uni in christchurch, we got a new flatmate halfway through the year. When she calledto ask about the flat, she asked if cats were ok. I was very excitedwhen she moved in. I had been away on holiday, and the first thing I said to the new girl was "hi, where's your cat?"
Mo was a regular mog, white and tabby. When she sat with her front legs together, the tabby markings diagonally lined up like a paint strip.
the next year mo, mo's mum and I found an old upstairs flat near cranmer square-hagley park. Mo used to sit in the window box and meow at the birds chirping on the roof. In winter she'd come into my room, wake me upinthe night by drinking from my water glass (we gave her her own but I don't think she ever used it) and then get under my covers and snuggle down the bottom of the bed, just touching my legs. She also used to throw up meat &furballs undermy bed a lot. if people were on the sofa she loved to cuddle up to someone witha decent rack ("everyone needs a bosom for a pillow") or a woolly jersey by climbing up and putting her arms up near your neck, so she looked like she was standing up. very adorable, apart from that when she was supremely happy she'd purr and drool on you as a bonus...

I still don't have a cat to call my own yet, but I
know I need a snuggly one like Mo.

Saskyumchar on Rav

Anonymous said...

I rehomed Ming just over a year ago, as her big brother, Mong was bullying her. She is a tuxedo cat and is pretty affectionate. Only when she wants to be!

If she thinks someone is going out the back door, she'll wait until the door is opened and go out. rather than use her cat door. She'll also use windows, rather than the cat door.

She loves lying in the sun and manages to follow it around without moving. Sitting on the windowsill watching the birdies. And she has even tried to climb up the wall when she spotted birds on the roof!

And she loves nothing better at the end of her long day to snuggle up on a lap for a good head scratch.

She's sometimes my Rav-ater and is featured on some projects/

mingknitknitty on rav

Lise said...

We had a cat named Charlotte who was a tiny calico cat. She stuck with through some very hard times and the best companion to have through a very difficult breakup. Then I met my now husband, got married and had a beautiful baby boy (who is now 18!). Charlotte just could not adjust to this small screeching bundle of joy. But she was my first pet, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Thanks for the giveaway!

(marilise on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

We have two sibling cats whom we adopted as kittens the year we were married. Our boy is the biggest goofball. He thinks he's a puppy and will play fetch and steal chips if you're not careful. Our girl is my husband's cat and acts as if she's the princess of the house. Of course he treats her like one so it's not hard to see where she gets that idea.

Right now they are living with his Mom while we are overseas, but we can't wait to go home and have them back. We miss them everyday.

knitcola on rav

Saisquoi said...

I had a wonderful cat named Polly who was a Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest cross. She was GIANT and had double paws. I got her as a companion cat for another cat we had who had not adjusted well to life with my husband's two male cats.

We were told that Polly was aloof and didn't much care for humans. But that she would probably make a fine companion for our other cat. That night, she jumped on the couch behind my husband and wrapped her paws around his neck in a huge hug. She slept with us every night and was just the biggest love that ever was. Aloof indeed.

She died when I was about 8 weeks pregnant with C and I still miss her every day.

saisquoi on rav

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, but just possibly there might be space for me here :)

First, I'd like to say a loud "Hi!" to Saisquoi, because I thought we were the only family in the world to name our cat(s) Polly!! The name belongs to two golden tabbies, who lived with us one after the other, when I was a child. One disappeared and the other unfortunately and tragically, was killed in a night-time assassination in our own backyard.

The second one was very bright and came home from travels twice, once when it followed me halfway to someone's house, and another when we sent it away because it was being too naughty.

Polly would run to the door or telephone when the bell rang, and was fond of sleeping next to my mother when she napped, but wouldn't sleep with me! She woke me up for school by poking me between my toes...

Now "Polly" is for us, almost a synonym for "cat", and the stray(s) I feed are all Polly, and my nephew is continuing the tradition at home.

I love cats.

Megan said...

I had a dog names Fluffy growing up that was my constant companion. Most of my childhood memories include him and most of the pictures too! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win!

Anonymous said...

We have a amazing dog called Riley. He has just turned 6. He is a big labradoodle with a long shaggy coat. He's just had a haircut for summer and looks a little like 'Shaun the Sheep' now.

KathyR said...

Too late for the prize but that's fine as I do believe I already own the pattern. ;)

I thought you may like to know a little about our black labrador, Sally (she's half chocolate, too). She is about 2 1/2 and we've had her since she was 9 months old when she came from a broken home.

She is extremely fond of many types of fruit and vegetables often helping herself out of the garden to the raspberries and red currants as well as any strawberries that stray from under the netting. Runner beans get picked from behind the bean fence, too. Fortunately she's not a digger or the carrots would be in danger as well. :)

For a "brunette", she can be very "blonde" at times, but we still love her very much! She has a thing about wheels, though, and barks (a lot!) at anyone riding bikes/scooters or pushing prams or strollers past our property.
She also suffers from year-round hay fever - not just a human complaint.

Anonymous said...

Darn, this pattrn would be perfect if IVF works for next January! Oh well. One of our cats Rastus makes my world better just by his presence. He is a nervous wreck, scrawny, skittish and absolutely petrified of plastic bags, spray bottls, coke bottles etc. But if you get a cuddle from him you know you earned it. Unless he just needed someone to dribble on.

Jan said...

Thank you very much. Have just been over to Ravelry and downloaded. Found Kikkie in my downloads folder again and have decided it will be great on middle granddaughter. Not sure when I'll start it. but her birthday is next July, so lots of time.