Monday, December 5, 2011

New design tuesday - a little love

I'm rushing to get this post done - our internet is dodgy again, so I'm going to have to contact the ISP, go through all of their silly steps (because no matter how often this happens, they blame our equipment first!) and then wait for them to fix it, so i'm using my iPhone as a wireless hotspot, however the 3G is dodgy too so I'm not sure how long I will have!

Cosset is finished, and I love her. I used the Skeinz chunky single, which is an absolute dream to knit, and am now knitting another in Lambs pride bulky, it would look great in Cascade Magnum, Debbie Bliss Como, or Blue Sky Alpacas bulky. 

The pattern is simple, a child who can knit in the round can knit her own sweater in a day or two. The sweater has a straight neckline, which sits nicely on the collarbones, short sleeves which are big enough to fit a long sleeved t shirt under, but not gapey and a sweet ribbon tie.

The pattern has been written, I'll probably put it up for testing on the weekend - when I am sure my internet is working.

My yarn order from Janette's arrived within a week of ordering, they have great service, and great prices on the yarns that I can't get locally.

These are for samples for a trunk show, I wanted antique-y colours which would work together as a collection, and I'm very happy with these.
That's my christmas holiday plan, sit outside on the deck under the sunshade and knit teeny baby samples!

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