Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Friday - rushing

I'm making this quick because I am totally knackered and will probably be asleep by 9pm!

Thanks for all your comments, noodles are slightly more divisive than I thought they would be :-) 
 Last weeks winner  is Rachel (xmasangels) I'll send the .pdf through to you on Rav.

This has been my first week at work with the changes to my hours. I enjoyed having a "proper" weekend, then 2 days of JustJussi work, and 3 days of paid work. I feel like everyone is getting more from me, which is great, I'm happy at work and happy at home.

I do feel like I am rushing a lot more though, but I think that is more indicative of the season rather than anything else, the garden needs me in the evenings, friends and family are more social than usual and then there are the presents and food prep required for Christmas, this year we have all the girls for Christmas dinner (which is so exciting) and then Gordon's brother and niece will be with us for a few days too!

I am still knitting balls, a shawl and socks, but I just saw these on Ravelry Candy Cane ponies they are awesome! 

This weeks questions is : Tell us about a quick, cute Christmas (Holiday) idea you have found online - any craft is fine, I just love making little things for my kids to put on their Christmas trees, making memories for their families in the future.

This weeks prize is Henry  - a chunky, ribbed and cabled sweater which is easy and quick to knit.

- please include your Ravelry name or your email address (can space it out to avoid spambots)- I will gift the pattern via Ravelry, if you do not belong to Rav I will email the .pdf to you- winner (s) are drawn sometime on Friday, this means "Friday afternoon/evening New Zealand time"- the winner (s) are chosen by random number generator (I use this one)- you may enter even if you have won before


Karen said...

I saw some very sweet handmade ornaments somewhere (unfortunately I'm not sure where but I think Etsy), they were made of vintage look cut out cat and dog faces and they were attached to a pipe cleaner body. They really were very sweet! (rav id knitnspin)

McKnittey said...

My favorite kid ornament is a clothes pin nativity scene. It's an oldie but a goodie. There is a really sweet photo on flicker of one. Another ornament I saw is a cardinal made from two different sized jingle bells painted red. One for the head and one for the body. It had a glued on felt stocking cap, scarves, wings, and beak. Pipe cleaner legs and feet. The hat was made by gluing the long edge of a rectangle around the head like you would a crown, fringing the other lOng side and then tying yarn below the fringe.

Knitrageous said...

I mostly do yarn type crafts and made some cute little bells one year that still hang on our tree. But one time I experimented with clay and made a Christmas tree with our faces on them. My daughter recently did a guest post for someone but made cookies modeled from the old clay ornaments. I'm adding the link in case you want to look.

rav id: knitrageous

Charlotte said...

I've been finding all sorts of amazing things on pinterest lately. My favourite to date (and one that I need to amass more buttons for) is a little tree made out of stacked buttons.

I already have Henry (and love him) so you don't need to enter me in the draw :-)

Laura said...

Cute cute baby sweater!! It looks crochet.. I was hoping to enter the sweepstakes for the pattern.. but I do not know how to do "random numbers" thing. Could you advise?

Christina said...

My little guy made an ornament for his grandparents this year in school. A little photo of himself with colored little puzzle pieces (from an old puzzle) surrounding it. The grandparents are CRAZY about it. And it is pretty darn cute!!
waldomd rav