Monday, November 28, 2011

New design tuesday - doing ALL the things!

I'm loving my new hours (don't remind of this tomorrow when I start at 8 and finish close to 5...) I'm feeling so efficient as I managed to get my "to do now" list done, as well as my "to do soon" and I'm working on 3 other lists which each refer to a separate project and which I know will take some time to accomplish.

I've got 2 test knits on the go: Aria and Evie, and another in the pipeline (though this one may go straight to tech editing due to Christmas rushing up so fast!) and ideas filling pages of my notebooks, a new style sheet completed and I've already re-written 6 older patterns, which were designed in Publisher and are so time consuming to update to my new layout as they can't be cut and pasted.

I have even managed to make a start on my Christmas knitting, I've decided to restrict myself to baubles this year, they take less than an hour to make, so I can make one every evening until the big day. I think that is the secret of success, achieving small goals often!

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