Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New design tuesday

Today, yet another tuesday where I have no new designs, I feel so sad!

The past week has seen me re-writing some patterns I designed for a company a couple of years ago, which they unfortunately lost on a computer crash. Luckily I had printed them all out, which makes me so glad of the little systems I have put into place for JustJussi, so it was just a matter of re-typing them and disaster averted! I decided to change one of them a bit, due to everything I have learnt over the past few years, so I've been madly knitting on that at night to get it finished this week. So far so good!

Actually I do have a new design, I knit a couple of pixie hats for the twins last week, I'll get some good photos of them wearing them and write the pattern up, I took photos of them during the week, but it was too late in the day and the light was terrible.

It was nice to knit something quick, simple and so so cute! and also nice to have an idea, do some maths and end up with something that worked, unlike my last design, good to be getting back on track if only in a small way.

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