Monday, April 30, 2012

New design tuesday - Trackwork

My problem (if you would call it a problem) is that when I find something that I really like I tend to over do it. Many of my patterns are designed in more than one yarn weight because I keep seeing more possibilities in the design. It has happened again with this dear little stranded stitch pattern with the lovely wee raglan lines running through it.

It started as Linea and I am still smitten with that project, but 4ply? really? I know loads of people who have the willpower and fortitude to make an adult garment in 4ply, but I also know many who want some slightly more instant gratification, so I created Trelise - the DK version of Linea, and then another idea came to me, and Trackwork was born.

This one is simple as simple can be, the sample is 0-3 months, it took a skein of DK (main colour) and maybe 5 hours start to finish, this one has buttons but I have also written directions for working in the round and it is absolutely seamless!
Team that with an Aviatrix hat in matching colours and you will really be rocking the baby shower circuit!

Linea is currently in testing, Trackwork and Trelise will follow shortly.

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Sparkle and Co said...

I really love it! You made a good work!