Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm back

I was re-thinking this blog recently...the way you do, thinking about how the Facebook site has grown so big and that is how lots of people catch up with what is happening. I use FB for two things, to keep in touch with my family and close friends with my private account (for which I have to keep updating the privacy settings bah! Facebook) and with the business page, which works really well at keeping my knitter friend up to date, but I can't get into detail there.

I have had a few changes in my life recently, my health has not bounced back to my pre Glandular fever levels as I had hoped it would, which in the end meant that I could no longer work in the LYS, which was sad because I met loads of lovely knitters there and looked forward to their regular visits every week. The up side (and there is always an up side) is that I am now working fulltime on Just Jussi and have lots of exciting plans for the near future.

I have decided to keep the blog and update it much more regularly than I have been.

Life around here is pretty much the same as it has been for the past year or so, the kids are all fine, the cats continue to delight and annoy us, Flash is studying every weekend (oh I can't wait for the Christmas holidays!) and Charlotte's tummy grows bigger with every passing week!

On saturday we attended the funeral for Charlotte's partner Greg's Mum Moira. I managed to meet Moira once while she was in hospital, she slept most of our visit, but she managed to tell me about how Greg had been a nightmare to feed, he wouldn't (and still won't) eat much, and that she (Moira) was so happy that Charlotte eats good food because she knows the baby will eat good food too. Moira was working on a blanket for the baby, she wanted me to finish it, it will be an honour for me to complete it and tuck it around our grand daughter, but so sad that her other Nana won't be here.

Speaking of blankets, here is the one I am knitting for baby and due to popular request the pattern is now in testing and should be available very soon.

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