Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Zealand

In two days time, the 28th of October 2012 it will be 40 years since my parents, my little sister and I  arrived in New Zealand. I was 4 years old and ready for school, my sister was a cherubic child who turned two the following day.

We left everything and almost everyone we knew in the pursuit of "a better life" and that is what we got.

I hate to think of how different my life would have been growing up in Gloucester.
At the time Auckland was a backwater, but what a backwater! as children we spent the long summers roaming free in packs, building huts, having adventures and only going home at dinner time. The air was clean, everyone learnt to swim, dairy and meat were staples and the beach was only a Sunday drive away.

I realise that the NZ of my childhood does not exist for some, but for many immigrants it really is still the land of milk and honey that is was for us, from the grey gloom of 70s UK to a beautiful, warm, safe, and free island nation where our family has flourished and grown.

This sunday we will revisit the historic places of our life here, and reminisce, and count our blessings.

My sister Vickii at the front, me right (in brown), my Mum behind me soon after arriving.

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