Sunday, November 25, 2012

Facebook giveaway

As the number of "likes" increases towards 1500 on my FB page I thought a giveaway would be nice.
The prize is a copy of each of my printed patterns and 3 skeins of yarn (ideal for a wee Trackwork) comprising 2 skeins of a semi solid colour way and 1 skein of a complimentary handpainted yarn.

Due to Facebook's new rules I am using an app to run this contest, I think I have got it working correctly!

To be in to win please click on this link which should (fingers crossed) take you straight to the entry.

If you are not a member of FB and do not plan to be don't fret, there will be another promotion in the not too distant future.

1 comment:

amchart said...

I would have thought I already Liked you on FB, but I guess not until now. I hope I did it all correctly. I'm not a huge FB user, but I give it a try once in a while.