Monday, January 7, 2013


My Granddaughter arrived early in the morning on the 3rd of January, tiny, perfect and wide awake.
When I met her in the recovery room she wore nothing but a donated acrylic pink beanie with rows of purple muppet fur, my daughter said it's ok Mum, when we get back to the room we will put wool on her!...and so we did.

here she is 3 days later in her Zealana Willow blanket ( bassinet version of Life out Loud) which is soft, warm and cosy, she was playing pass the parcel at our regular family dinner on sunday and didn't even blink.

Yesterday my son in law handed me a shopping bag of yarn, needles and partially knitted pieces, it was a bag I have been waiting for since cancer stole his Mum three months ago. I met Moira once, I told her we would look after her son, and I would finish her knitting.

I upended the bag and wanted to sigh, once again here was a pile of acrylic and pompom yarn, the beginnings of a blanket, a couple of sleeves, a cute old bootee she obviously wanted to copy. I mentally hit myself...this wonderful, kind woman is gone and I'm questioning her yarn choices? get a grip Justine. I imagine if we had been able to spend time together we would both have learnt a lot, I'm the one who got to see our baby newborn and will watch her as she grows, and I'm the one who will teach her to knit and give her Grandma Moira's needles.

I will finish her blanket and stitch a note to the back of it. I will decipher the bootee and make some for winter and I will make a playmat with the pink pompoms because I know Moira would like that. I have learnt my lesson, its not about budget or taste or knowledge, its not about yarn or pattern choices, sometimes its just about the knitting, because knitting is a physical manifestation of love.


Laura Blinn said...

Such a sweet post. Your grandaughter is gorgeous. And the 3rd is a great day for a birthday (it's my moms!). I love your idea of handing down her needles to your Grandaughter - it made me cry. Then i decided I would save my Grandma's needles to hand down to my daughter (she knit with acrylic too!) because it is all about the act of knitting.

Sue said...

Congratulations on your new grand-daughter. I think Moira would be smiling down at you knowing that her son and grand-daughter are well looked after by you and your family. I always think it is the thought that counts and the love knitted into each item that makes it special.

Nicky said...

A very beautifully worded post

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your beautiful grandaughter!

This post touched my heart. I have several of my granny's unfinished crochet projects and hope to one day finish them to pass to her other grandchildren.

Leeanne Johnson Aquilina said...

I love seeing your photos of your cute granddaughter. She is extra special too as she shares her birthday with my mum.