Saturday, January 26, 2013

Changes always

The recent changes have started bedding in, Flash is back at work and back into study, which means that we have no couple social life for the rest of the year. I don't mind, he came first in his class last year and will have his degree at the end of this one.

Isla is now 3 weeks old and it feels like we didn't have a life before her, she is part of every family conversation "oh look at how she has grown, do you think her eyes will stay blue?" and she has grown, she is almost in newborn sizes now! Oh this baby girl of ours, she is bringing or family even closer.

Baby Isla wearing her Trackwork cardi (with sleeves)

I am finally settling back into work, after a false start two weeks ago, the new Mummy needed me more than my work did, but now the routines are formed and we can all do the things we need to do.

The fat animals sweaters have been renamed Skatryk (fat cat inAfrikaans) and the pattern is with a tech editor, I'm testing the teeny sock pattern at the moment, but it will end up in a collection of baby layette items, and there are some secrets that I can't wait to tell you about.

Here is a swatch for a skirt pattern I'm working on, I love love love how the yarn works with the stitch pattern, it reminds me of 100s and 1000s, or lakhs and crores .

 I'm so grateful right now to have a husband who is willing to support me at this time, while I am not bringing in my usual income, and while I am spending so much time with the baby. His confidence means that both Just Jussi and the grandchildren can grow happily!

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Jan said...

What a lovely baby, all dressed up in yur designs. Beautiful.