Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today, on an immensely warm, sunny, big blue sky day I turned 45 years of age.
It's a bit scary this middle age, my role models seem to be Jules from Cougar Town or Helena Bonham Carter you have to be hanging onto sexy or working hard at being interesting, I'm really not that bothered! It was hard, having the girls so young, but now, on the flip side I am enjoying the freedom that comes from having an empty nest (and really fun young adult children).

I'm a (proud) Nana, a Mum (Mummy, Mama), a wife, aunt, daughter and granddaughter, lucky to live in the crazy, rambling house of my nightmares dreams, in one of the most democratic, least corrupt and safest nations on earth. I haven't got my sh*t together by anyones standards, but I sure know who loves me and what is important in this world. Family, love and a job which has me leaping out of bed every morning, and not minding if Flash has to work on the weekend because I'll happily work too.

I'm so cross with myself for not getting a photo of the 5 girls together when they were here for dinner on saturday, I was just so happy to see Donna and David that I forgot to take photos! Today just before Holly (my eldest) left for the airport I managed to get a photo of my 3, so lovely they are (and there is another grandchild in this photo...Holly is 26 weeks pregnant).

Thank you to my family for making this another memorable birthday. I love you all very much.
Blaise hurry up and find a cure for dementia before I get it!

PS. Most awesome present - the Gorilla pod tripod from Joby, now I can finally film better tutorials!


Jan said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a good time by all.

I love my gorilla tripod for my Nikon 3100.

If yours seems a tiny bit wobbly, there is an interface available to go between it and camera which makes things very solid. About AUD$10, I think.

Donna said...

Happy, happy birthday! It was so good to see you - I forgot to take any pictures on the night, too.
And I'm hearing you on the empty nest. It's all a bit surreal, but I'm glad we're of an age to still really enjoy it xx