Thursday, February 7, 2013

Whoops here it is!

I wasn't planning on releasing this pattern today, I had actually thought it was a few more weeks away, but my tech editor and tester both surprised me by getting back to me today with the same little issues which were quickly rectified and so here we are!

The Fat Kitty sweater pattern.

You know I didn't want to call it The Fat Kitty, you know that I wanted to call it Skatryk which is the lovely looking Afrikaans word for fat cat, but you wouldn't have it, my test knitter wouldn't have it, even some outspoken family members wouldn't have it. So here we are with the Fat Animals!

This sweater is knit in the round from the top down, but under the armholes you start working flat (back and forth) because working intarsia in the round is something my darling daughter in Christchurch would call a "mare", and you can then choose to work short or long sleeves.

Anyway, it's out in the world now getting a nice reception, if you wish to purchase the pattern it is only $3.75NZ (approx $2.90 US)  until 14 Feb, when it will revert to $7.50NZ.

Six sizes from 1-10 years and charts for three animals - Fat Kitty, Fat Bunny and Fat Bear!

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Jan said...

Love that header picture. Beautiful.