Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Posting remains stalled, the weather has been so amazing that you will more often than not find me outside enjoying the warmth while it lasts. Auckland is enjoying an extended summer, it is 23 degrees (I think that is around 75F) and it is Autumn, the sun is shining, birds are singing and all is well with the world.

Our darling is growing at a rate of knots, almost 4 months old and she has trebled her birthweight! Such a sweetie, she laughs, smiles and coos, loves story time and rolls over.

Here is a close up of the hat, your standard Aviatrix (worsted weight) in Just Jussi Full and made my favourite Frothy Flower in Malabrigo worsted
I added an extra round of petals and embroidered some french knots resembling stamens to hold it in place.

I have a little interview posted on the Knitographer site   talking about Just Jussi and whats up at the moment. Go have a look see, and meet some other lovely knitters, dyers, writers.