Sunday, May 26, 2013

And then...Harriet.

Yes, it is an Aviatrix

The much awaited and wished for first child of my daughter Holly and her husband Nick was due on th 19th of May, I booked to fly down on the 15th and return home on the 25th (baby willing, there was no way I was going home until after the birth). Holly called just before I left for the airport, her waters had broken! The baby was on the way.

I'm not going into details, suffice is to say that Holly laboured beautifully and baby Harriet was born into the peace and comfort of her own home. I often wonder how it is with children and now grandchildren, you don't know them until they arrive and then you think "well of course, here is Harriet finally", as though you have known them forever.

Welcome to our family Harri, along with your cousin Isla you form the 5th generation of living women in our family, so many people love you already.

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JoAnn Culbertson said...

I had the exact same experience with my granddaughters! A very delayed congratulations!