Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where I work

I love reading about other people's studios and workspaces, the way they range from the amazingly opulent, purpose built architectural masterpieces of the fortunate to the one tidy corner of crafting sanity in an otherwise crazy family apartment.

I am always amazed and encouraged by the inventive storage solutions, the repurposing of common items into the perfect spool holder or ribbon tamer, even IKEA furniture looks exotic when you live in a country to which the ubiquitous blue and yellow box store has yet to arrive.

When I was child I dreamt of many things, which I have shared with you over the years, and a huge dream of mine was a room all of my own, not a bedroom, but an arts and craft room, a room where I could follow my hearts desire and no one would touch anything (you can tell I had a younger sister)

Now, this is exactly what I have, a room for dreaming and imagining, a room for bringing to life all those ideas in my head.

This panorama takes in two thirds of my room, starting with the door and moving left, you pass my armchair (soon to be reupholstered and joined by it's twin) these are Ercol armchairs  which my Grandfather bought for my Grandmother one Christmas, you know he worked for the RAF as an instructor, and built toy garages and dollshouses in his spare time to save the money to buy my Gran whatever her heart desired every Christmas, i think of him everytime I look at those chairs, I never knew him, but I know his creativity runs in my veins.

We then move past the post its and packed pin boards to my desk, with the computer, printer and in tray one one side of the room, and wips on the other. 
The plates above my iMac are repurposed side plates from the 60's and 70's painted with the names of the seven deadly sins from Trixie Delicious (do not click if curse words offend you!) I love these, they are fun and I do love to buy local.

The wire basket rack holds adult garment lots of yarn and current projects, the Billy bookcase next to it contains handpainted yarn, account folders, a mailing centre and my dyeing equipment behind the glass doors.
Yarn is contained within the nine cubby unit, the blue baskets hold balls organised by weight, with the upper cubbys reserved for skeins (which will soon hang from a peg board above my armchairs) and lots of special books above that.

What you can't see is the bookcase full of books and baskets of "notions, fabric, thread etc" and the built in wardrobe with it's own complement of yarn and sample garments.

I love the colour of my room, the light that floods across the desk, the fact that everything has a place (even if it is not in it!) the peace that it fosters and the encouraging space to create. 

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Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful space to work in. So all I need is for some kids to leave home? ;)