Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snowed under

The wild weather predicted for this week has not really eventuated, yes there has been rain but not the howling gales we expected, for goodness sake I drove through a hailstorm wearing sunglasses today because, well, Auckland.

Auckland is well known for it's four seasons in one day style of weather, and we love it, but boy it would be nice to be snowed in for a day or two (no longer)!

Today I finished writing the Harriet cardigan pattern and started arranging test knitters.

I have altered the collar a little to make it fit nicely, but there is no shaping to make the lace scarey!

Then I reviewed a tech edit of Milse, and sent it back to the editor with apologies for being a ninny.

and lastly I graded the Cubby pattern so that it goes up to age 14 years, teenagers like wearing animal hoodies, well the girls do anyway, tomorrow I may get that pattern finished, depending on the weather...we need to do a photoshoot for Milse, one in which the baby and the weather are feeling cooperative!

I am revisiting dome of my older patterns, giving them a new lease on life and thought I would have a go at the Dear wee baby singlet pattern which turned into a trip down the rabbit hole, whereupon I exited with a new design which goes straight to the top of my design pile...isn't that always the way, new yarn, new project, new design, new pattern. I'm not even going to try to fight it.

This one is a simple sweater with the plunket neckline from the singlet pattern, long sleeves and a long enough body, I'll find a few details to make it more interesting.
I'm thinking DK weight, just have to fossick around in the stash to find something suitable, give me a day or two.

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