Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KAN 2013

Last weekend was the annual knitting retreat known as Knit August Nights or KAN, held in the beautiful Ahuriri, Napier.
This was my third KAN, my second as a tutor, and as always I loved every moment. Unfortunately there were not as many moments as I would have liked as I had a sinus infection prior to leaving, and the flight managed to turn a boring old sinus into something akin to torture...my face felt like I had red hot knives stabbing into my eyes and forehead and my ears the same. Thankfully I had a beautiful ground floor studio room in the Crown Hotel, so I was able to rest when I needed to and chat with KAN goers as they passed my patio on the way to a local cafe. I am so glad that I had decided to arrive a day early, it gave me time to regroup and plan, the weather was (as always) stunning even though it was winter.

My class on Friday went well despite the brain fog (Marg, I measure the centre line from wrist to shoulder bone, and then from wrist to underarm, draw these with the armhole depth and the slope will decide itself)  I think my class enjoyed themselves and now know the basics of designing for themselves, I do have to find a way of getting all of the math up front in that class because I know it is scary to hit that magic formula in the last 1/2 hour

here they are hard at work in our lovely class room looking out to sea

Here is my dear friend Claudia (green pants) and Betty Ann in blue and Lisa in red, outside Skeinz  the mill shop at the DesignSpun mill. It is our spiritual home, and the wonderful thing about it is that you can all buy from Skeinz too, their online shop is easy to navigate and the prices are amazing. If you are knitting for babies their Heritage organic merino is the softest thing ever and knits up like a dream.

I took a class in Contiguous knitting, oh my goodness if I had known the possibilities I would have done it ages ago, thank you Morag for your awesome class (as always). Look out for some contiguous patterns coming your way soon.

I also bought a bit of yarn, not a huge amount as I have "quite a lot" at home, but it was nice to try some yarns I haven't seen before. The marketplace was fantastic, lots of lovely traders with lots of lovely products, and I am still finding treat sized chocolate products throughout my handbag, speaking of which look at this exclusive Goody bag!!!

Photo totally stolen from Tash at Holland Road Yarns, who sponsored these amazing bags, you can buy this and others from Dear Colleen at Holland Road yarns online...I think you may even get one free if you spend over $100! 

I'm hoping a few Australians will jump the ditch and join us next year, I promise to take every vitamin known to man kind and be in the peak of health next year.
Write it into your diary now 29-31 August 2014.

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M-H said...

A bit late, but I really am hoping to be there next year.