Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weeks fly...

Goodness me and I thought I was doing well with the blogging...oops!

I was down in Christchurch again last week, visiting the new arrival, she is 9 weeks old now and a darling. I can't wait for Christmas, 3 yr old Cody, Isla will be almost 1, and Harri will be 6 months, the excitement and giggles will be infectious no doubt!

I have been knitting a storm, I have 6 designs in various stages of production now (not counting the ones who only exist on paper)  Cubby you know, I have been holding back waiting for yarn which has just arrived. Cocteau is the plunket neck sweater I discussed last time, it is lovely, perfect! and is waiting patiently in the testing queue.

Harriet is testing right now, and off to the tech editor soon. The hold up has been my trip away and illness (a mild cold which hit the rest of the family worse than me, but that old Glandular fever meant that the lassitude carried on) and now more time away from home in Christchurch to help the little family out. Going away always means tidying up, making sure there is food for the cat sitting uni students and Dad to cook, and the Auckland contingent have been checked on and cuddled. So I'm having to race around AND rest, interesting combo.

To keep my hands busy while resting I decided to blitz my Ravelry queue, I have finished a number of Christmas gifts, a Colour Affection in laceweight which I am glad to see the end of, and have almost finished a vest I plan to wear at KAN and started a pair of Hedera socks (another gift). I am certainly enjoying watching the pile of project bags in the wip basket diminish and have had to be extra vigilant to stop myself replacing them with new projects.

I also have 3 new designs on the needles, slowly taking shape, always a fascinating business as I move away from some ideas and introduce new ones.

Here are some pics of baby Harri in her Harriet cardigan, I love the fit, and her parents do too.

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