Saturday, October 9, 2010

Riverstone update!

another re-written pattern, I have altered the neckline so the shoulders are no longer split and buttoned, instead there is 1 button at the back (which also looks good as the front) so the neckline is narrower, and tips are given to make it even narrower if required.

The rest of the pattern is the same, however the instructions have been clarified and the gauge has change to worsted  - this one is knitted in Fleece Artist Africa in the Peridot colourway  (love 1000)

In other news, I have found a wonderful new Tech editor and can't wait to start working with her, I'm exploring printing hardcopies of my patterns for sale in LYSs (just waiting for proofs to arrive - exciting!) and have just completed a commision for an Australian yarn company...and summer is definitely on the way! life is good.

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Julia said...

Wow a great update to the pattern, and sounds like everything else is going well too Jussi! I'm thrilled to hear the update's in worsted too...I may just have some delicious worsted weight 100purewool on it's way to me at the moment which was waiting for the right pattern to speak to me ;)